The Beginning

Every life has its ups and downs.

This past year has been a roller coaster ride for me and my family. Surprise medical issues took the career that I loved away and I was struck by boredom and bills while in recovery. I decided to let my passion for spending and saving take over my life.

I have been couponing since 2009.

Not the extreme couponing that you see on TV but the kind that saves you some cash on things you already buy. My family doesn’t hoard but we do keep a stockpile of the essentials.

I’ve been saving money since I got my first job as a 15 year old. Money has always made me feel safe.  Savings accounts, spreadsheets and my family fun jar, a bank for loose change to used for fun family activities, has allowed us to live comfortably.

Families are forced to have all adults working in order to keep up with the Jones’ and the advertising that tells us that we need it all. Our society has bills our parents never had.  Computers, cell phones, cable.

Do we need all of it?

Yes and No. Let’s see how far we can stretch the dollars we have to purchase the things we need and save money at the same time. You in?

Keeping an eye on savings!